Continuing Education Requirements

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An Accredited or Professional member must accumulate sixty (60) hours of approved continuing education during a consecutive three calendar-year period.

Accredited or Professional of Associate appraisal members must include in the continuing education courses taken, sufficient credits in the Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice (USPAP) to satisfy the concurrent requirements of The Appraisal Foundation.

Accredited or Professional or Associate members must take the ASFMRA Ethics course at least once every six years.

All members have the ability to enter the education they have taken from other providers into their record. Log in, go to member profile and choose Continuing Education from the drop down menu. From there you can add education to your record. You can also download the directions from the Quick Links or by simply clicking here.

At the end of an Accredited or Professional member’s continuing education cycle, their education hours for that cycle will be added up to determined if they have meet this requirement.

If a member fails to get 60 hours of continuing education, they will be notified of the hours they are missing and ASFMRA will suspend their membership. This means that all member benefits including the right to use and display any accreditation, the right to use the ASFMRA logo, and the right to proclaim themselves an ASFMRA member will be suspended for 90 days or until the member satisfies the provisions of this policy. If the suspended member  completes the missing hours within 90 days, no reinstatement fees shall apply and the member will be immediately returned to active member status and will be assigned a new Continuing Education Cycle. However, if the member does not complete the missing hours within that 90-day period, their membership will be terminated and all reinstatement policies will apply.

A member’s cycle runs from January 1 to December 31 and is for 3 years. For newly accredited members, the cycle will start January 1 of the year after they receive their designation.

The start date of you cycle can be located on the Continuing Education page of your member profile.

If you have questions on your cycle, where you are in your cycle or what education is acceptable, please contact Deanna Ilk at or 303-692-1222. You can also refer to Policy 13 in the Policy and Procedures Manual.

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